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We are dedicated to providing high-quality car rental services prioritizing customer safety and comfort

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Established since 1980, Corfu Car Hire has been dedicated to providing high-quality services prioritizing customer safety and comfort. With over 30 years of experience, our family-run business ensures prompt and reliable transportation, offering safe vehicles in excellent condition for easy access and fast travel around Corfu.

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Our direct service, friendly staff, and strong client relationships are hallmarks of our commitment to customer satisfaction. Utilize our convenient online booking system for a seamless reservation process, and let us assist you in finding the perfect transportation solution for your visit to Corfu.

Experience reliable and relaxing transportation with our services. Save time by booking your car online for your Corfu visit. We’re here to help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

car rental corfu

asked questions

What is the extra charge for second driver, road maps, baby seats and boosters?

There is no extra charge, they are free.

What happens if the car group I booked is not available?

You will get a free upgrade to the next available car group.

Do you have cars with automatic transmission or mini buses?

No, we don’t have cars with automatic transmission or mini buses.